HISTALIM, Food Histology Laboratory

The first laboratory fully-dedicated to histological analysis of food products, HISTALIM works along the actors of the food industry in their quality management, and offers them an efficient tool to verify the composition of their food products made with meat or fish.

Our job

To put histological analysis techniques at the disposal of all the actors of the food industry :

… and work along with them in their quality management.


Independance, confidentiality, integrity


HISTALIM is independent from the actors of the food industry. This guarantees our absolute confidentiality and the integrity of the results we deliver to our customers. The whole staff is engaged by a confidentiality chart. In our work team, each of us is impartial and objective, and free from any commercial or financial pressures likely to jeopardize results.

Quality Management

Our quality management system respects the referential ISO/CEI 17025. Moreover the management of the continuous improvement of our activities has been organized according to a process approach, in accordance with the recommendations of the ISO 9001 v2000 standard. HISTALIM is accredited by COFRAC for the NF V04-417 method.

COFRAC Accreditation N°, Testing, Reach available on www.cofrac.fr